(Shenzhen, China – June 5, 2023) The current real-time-false-free innovative technology changes the shape of the world into new dimensions, which implies the productivity of human life, transportation, and healthcare systems are growing beyond the imagination. Applications like smart cities, smart farming, autonomous vehicles, industrial 4.0, and remote surgeries are made possible with advanced computing methodologies.

Edge AI has potential advantages to cater these technological changes as the AI Inferences are running close to the device. AI Accelerators are prime hardware blocks which compute the AI-workload by communicating with CPU/GPU in various operations, However deploying AI Accelerators at the Edge has potential challenges and consumes lengthy development cycles in all associated departments starting from Silicon, Board, and Embedded software vendors.

Edgeble has a solutions offer a comprehensive Pre-trained AI Accelerator Platform that helps to deploy AI Acceleration principles securely with Neural Compute Modules Neu2, and Neu6 operated on top of pre-trained open software inference models running on top of an end-to-end DevOps loop. Platform has built in Accelerators are categories based on TOPS, target applications and Operating temperatures.

Last week, 29th May 2023 Edgeble has successfully trained the object detection model on real-time.

More information on the platform will release soon as we launching the product at EmbeddedWorldChina 2023.

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