(Shanghai, China – June 14, 2023) Edgeble AI has experienced very delightful and thought provoking first event at Shanghai, Thanks to EmbeddedWorld team your acceptance and providing the booth in the middle of well-established companies. Special thanks to William Cho for all the help and information given.

Coming to Edgeble participation, we have successfully showcases and exhibited our Pre-trained AI Acclerator Platform - and demonstrated our pre-trained models on Object detection, Traffic management, Smart construction and Vehicle ADAS.

We have announced and demonstrated all the pre-trained models on our first generation Neural Compute Modules called eNCM2 and eNCM6. We have a had a great response from the visitors and innovators at the event for this accelerator performance and platform.

Here is our summary of successful takeaways present at the ewChina2023.

The Most Versatile AI Modules: It’s about Hardware:

The core idea of Edgeble NCMs has to accommodate and fulfill the requirements of today's tech-generation AI needs starting from commercial, industrial, and automotive needs. Module built with state-of-the-art AI Accelerators with in-built network and vision components like WiFi6 and CSI camera connectors which eventually increase the time-to-market for Edge AI-enabled companies to deploy and lunch their products at the right time with less production costs.

Pre-train, Accelerate, Deploy: It’s about Platform:

Unlock and deploy your Edge-AI with robust, fast, fail-safe pre-trained AI Accelerator platform, Here OpenAIA

Hardware AI Object detection with Real-time Stream: 6 Cameras at same time

Multiple display configured Video and Graphic Acceleration:

Talk-1: Egeble Neural Compute Acceleration - Accelerate Your Edge AI deployments with a Secure, Scalable, and Comprehensive Pre-trained AI Accelerator Platform

Talk-2: AI Vision by Interfacing MIPI-CSI2 Sensor with Rockchip NPU in Linux Kernel

Special thanks to Da Xue for all the help on technical english traslation during the talks.

Edgeble AI is hoping to participate upcoming events on EmbeddedWorld.

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